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In life (and in business) the following core values guide me in all I do:


We do what we say and say what we do. With the rapid growth of the Internet and ever-increasing advancement in technology, the world is more interconnected and data-driven than ever before. In these times, the importance of data-integrity, business integrity and professional integrity is also more important than ever.

Therefore, I do all I can to maintain the integrity of all I say and do. The first step is protecting my clients and yours. Whenever possible, client data remains on my client systems behind my client firewall—I try my best to use ONLY test or simulated data during the development and validation processes. My clients also only pay for the time I spend in front of the computer working on the project. (If I need to run a process that takes 2 hours but I only spend 15 minutes initiating the process, you pay for 15 minutes)


In 20+ years in Information Technology, I have spent countless hours in customer-facing roles. I pride myself in serving my clients and customers. However, I do NOT subscribe to the "The customer is always right" philosophy. While the customer usually DOES know what they want, they rarely know the best way to solve the problem—that's why I'm here.

It is my desire to come along beside my customers and work WITH them to determine the best solutions for their needs!


See also Integrity. Whenever possible, I try to keep customer/client data on the CLIENT servers/systems. However, when that is not possible, I take the following precautions:

  • Sensitive data is NOT stored on a mobile device (ie: phone, iPad or laptop)
  • Sensitive data is stored on a virtual server hidden behind multiple firewalls and running ONLY during active development. (I shut down development virtual servers when not actively developing)
  • Personally identifiable information is scrambled, masked or eliminated from my devices.
  • Any data provided on thumb drive or mobile storage is secured behind lock and key.
  • Data transmissions are done using secure protocols such as ssh, scp, vpn, etc.


Again, I do what I say I will do. I've had developers abandon projects on me and have worked in places where vendors abandon projects. I promise to do anything and everything in my ability to bring all projects to completion. Beyond completion, however, I do all can to ensure that the project is completed to specifications and that the customer signs off on it!

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