I apologize for the sparse nature of the site but we're in a bit of remodel mode—not just on the Internet, but also around the house. In July 2022, we bought another home with more acreage—the property next door. The ensuing remodeling project has become much larger and more encompassing than we ever imagined!
However, we decided that we'd like to blog our journey from Dump to Dream Home, so I've begun rebuilding the website for that purpose. With that in mind, please, stop by often to follow our We Bought a Dump blog for more updates.

The Slanted Shed

If you've come for IT consulting, I still do some of that as well--though that has taken a bit of a back burner for a little bit. The PawnOfSale project still exists but has been shelved temporarily. My new job (since 10/2021) takes up a lot of my time and the rest of it is spent doing what I can on the remodel.
I do intend to get the back to some more consulting around Q3 2023 though, so please keep in touch!
Thank you!


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