Our History

In September of 2016, though; Haines’ brother-in-law (and contributor) Dan Rickner approached him with an opportunity to put together a simple piece of software for a family friend’s pawn shop. That “simple” piece of software grew into what is now called PawnOfSale. For much of the next three years, there was no company name and the product was known as either “The Project” or “ERPawn” (In reference to the fact that it is built as an ERP). If you don’t don’t know what that is, you’re not alone.

Eventually in the spring of 2019, Haines decided that the two brothers would just recycle the name of the old wood shop as much of that early front-end development was done on a recycled server/workstation in that same dilapidated old shed.

Now, in 2020, as developers have dropped off, the company is now officially The Slanted Shed, is fully under the control of Haines and is running as he would like it–as a service-first, customer-oriented, family-owned business!

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Contact Info

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Note: phone number rings to voicemail only. Best way to contact me is the email above or through the Contact Us link in the menu