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Application development is a very time consuming process. For example, from 2016 through September 2020, PawnOfSale required over 3,000 development hours and it's not even done. Therefore, PawnOfSale will continue to be a big part of The Slanted Shed Project for several years to come. However, I am looking towards more eternal pursuits. (What can I do that will benefit future generations? How can I contribute to the Great Commission?)

My vision right now is that I would be working more with churches, missionaries or educational projects. To do that, it is my desire to be able to bring in developers as needed on a project-by-project basis of a similar mindset. In the coming months, I have some projects that I'd like to post here to get the ball rolling.

2020 has forced me to change course, and I'm going to start small an follow the Lord's plan. If He wants this to explode, then He will show me how to make that happen. If it's supposed to stay small, then it will!

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