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I would like to personally welcome you to The Slanted Shed and invite you to explore our products and services. We are a small business excited to come along beside your small to medium sized business and grow along with you.

I originally started The Slanted Shed as an Etsy store to sell custom products from my woodworking shop. That’s still an interesting of mine and likely will show up here again someday but you can read about that on our history page. You may wonder how a small Etsy woodworking shop has become a software development business. That story is very much like my own.

At heart, I am a landscaper, a bit of a crafter and an animal lover. I always assumed I would some day be mowing lawns, designing landscapes and breeding dogs, but someone talked me into buying a subscription to adulthood. I’ve been trying to cancel that subscription ever since, but in the meantime, I must support my family and I have other more valuable skills (with regards to earning a living).

So, I am a guy with a degree in Mathematical Economics, minors (unofficially–have credits but never declared) in actuarial science, chemistry and education spanning 5 universities and 180 credit hours. Of all of those courses and hours spent, I have only ever taken 4 computer science (programming courses), and none in the languages I use today!

My experience and expertise comes from my quest from knowledge and desire to companies that have employed me in anyway possible. In 1994, at Rose-Holman Institute of Technology, I had many friends in the computer science department. They first introduced me to Slackware Linux and HTML web development. That started as a hobby but turned semi-pro when I was hired ny the Mike Herndon for Sheriff campaign in Shelbyville in 2000.

From there, I took a class in Perl and dabbled in CSS and JavaScript to develop a dynamic personal website. Then, in 2006, I started working as a project manager for a small credit union. My official job was to manage the system conversion to Symitar’s Episys platform, but after the migration, I was to become the be all resource for the system. This meant leaning Symitar’s PowerOn language for developing reports from the database. I also picked up some of their SymForm language.

Finally, after finishing my degree at Ball State University and taking a job at Taylor University, I have picked up (as required by my job) WebFocus, Microsoft SQL, and Oracle SQL.

That is a brief synopsis of how I got here. I now consider myself proficient in:

SQL – MS, Oracle & PostgreSQL
Symitar’s PowerOn
Microsoft Excel (not programming of course, but an indispensable tool in data cleaning, and manipulation)
I also have experience in:

C, Objective C, Swift
MS Access
In the last 25 years, I have also held numerous jobs in IT as a desktop support analyst, systems administration, report writing and software development. I was the sole systems admin for 2 different Microsoft infrastructures and was member of a team that administered 2500 Red Hat servers.

In my “free” time though, you won’t find me in front of a computer. In the summer you will find me in my wood shop, out landscaping my yard or mowing, and playing my dogs (lab mix and a border collie currently). The cold Indiana winters force me indoors so I will be inside with family and the dogs and sometimes tinkering on my book, The Cat Calls Me Roger.

I look forward to getting to know you and your business and serving you in anyway we can!

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