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Scott Haines Friday December 16, 2016
Dr. Edward D. Zdobylak, MD (Neurologist--migraine specialty)

Dr. Zdobylak has been a Godsend for us. He is the third neurologist I have seen for my migraines and the ONLY one to return some sense of normalcy to my life. Prior to seeing him, I was having around 125 migraines a year. When I first visited him 10 years ago he looked over my records and seeing that every test imaginable had been run, asked "Have you ever been on a preventative?" Preventative? I never heard of such a thing. For the next 6 years, my migraines dropped to 10-15 a year—until everything went haywire again as you know. (He also referred me to another physician on this list)

Dr. Ashock Kadambi, MD(Endocrinologist)

Dr. Kadambi has been instrumental in allowing Sara and I to live relatively normal lives. In 2014 or so, Sara began experiencing all of the tell-tale signs of an endocrine problem. We tried for a few years to treat it through our PCP, but nothing helped and we stumbled upon Dr. Kadambi. Dr. Kadambi tests for NUMEROUS indicators (I can't even list them all here) and orders all of our medications in compounded form to get as close a formula as he can for each patient. With Sara, he even found that her growth hormone was deficient and that therapy promises to eventually correct all of the endocrine problems.

Dr. David M. Ratzman, MD - (Pain Management, Pain Medicine, and Anesthesiology)

"You had me at hello". Not exactly, but Dr. Ratzman made this list 5 minutes into my first appointment with him. He told me at that first visit: "My goal is to—if possible—fix the underlying problem permanently so you no longer have pain." Within a week I had new MRI's of y neck, new X-rays and a prescription for therapy and my first cervical epidural. 4 weeks later I had that first epidural and a repeat 8 weeks later. As you all know, 5 weeks ago I had a more permanent procedure. All of these procedures to relieve the pain so I can do the therapy needed to fix the neck permanently.

Dr. Jeremy J. Hunt, MD - (Primary Care Sports Medicine)

Ok, stop laughing. No, seriously Steve, stop laughing! For some, their "Sport" is walking—like me! Dr. Hunt has personally treated 4 broken bones, two cysts, and two sprains. He has also treated two broken bones for Sierra and one for Taylor. Dr. Hunt is a regular at family gatherings now. (not really—but he could be.) He has a wonderful bedside manner even with the kids has corrected/caught several mistakes by the More Gruesome Hospital. He's our "goto guy" for anything...well anything broken or sprained. I'm a regular in his office, typically visiting him 2-3 times a year. ;)

Dr. Thomas L. Arnold, DC(Chiropractor)

O.M.G. 'Nuff said! He fixed my back and found some food allergies—GO HERE! I've been to several chiropractors and gotten some comfort, but with Dr. Arnold, I got lasting and complete comfort. smile

Ok, so probably a bad idea to list the bad list by name, but let me just say this:

  • Neurology - I have been to 3 for my migraines. The previous two no longer have their medical licenses!
  • Chiropractor - I have been to 5. They all delivered some comfort but Dr. Arnold is the only to deliver lasting relief.
  • Orthopedics - Seriously, STOP LAUGHING!! I've been to 10 or more people for the 11 broken bones, sprains, etc
  • Endocrinologist - I've been to two and a PCP. It took Dr. Kadambi 12 months to undo the 3 month treatment from the previous guy.


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