2017 – a New Year

Every December 31, we say goodbye to one year and hello to another one. The new year is supposed to bring change, improvement, or something exciting and new. So far, 2017 has not started the way I would have hoped, prayed or even dreamed! We’re only in the second week of the year (starting today) and already I have experienced several unfortunate events:

  • The water pump on my truck went out.
  • Our furnace stopped working.
  • I learned that I have a kidney stone which is blocking my kidney.
  • My phone display went out.

We knew, going into this year, that we would need to do some repair work on several of our cars. We also have been preparing ourselves to buy a water softener, dishwasher and water heater, but those are even fading faster than we thought.

I don’t mean to complain, because I’m really not. These events haven’t really caught us by surprise. When you own a home or cars (old, high mileage ones at that), you really try to plan for some “unexpected” repairs. This only goes to show and remind us that our plans aren’t always the best plans. It’s a lesson that we keep learning because we all too often forget it. We know that we will make it through these little hiccups but it doesn’t necessarily relieve the frustration.

For the most part, we just know that this year is different. There’ll be some good, some bad with the good hopefully outweighing the bad. It’s just another year in this thing we call life.

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