Dylan Stai

Intern - Interface

Hi All! I am a Computer Science graduate from Indiana Wesleyan University with a minor in Mathematics. I crossed paths with Scott and the Slanted Shed in an unconventional way. I originally met Dan Rickner in the tech booth of our church Liberty Baptist. He was asking about how college was going, and I told him I was a CS major beginning my senior year. He then shared he was working on a project himself with Scott. Upon further conversation, we somehow got to the point where I needed an internship and they could use an intern so it sort of just worked out.

Not knowing much about PHP or even JS at the moment, my job quickly became research which was great because after all, it was a learning opportunity. My time on the project worked out great often happening in the evenings or Saturday mornings (which was always accompanied by Ivanhoes) which fit in great! Even though I have since moved on to start my career I loved seeing the project being built from the ground up and am excited to see where it goes!

Tel: 815.325.1500
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Email: dylan.stai@gmail.com

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Contact Info

Marion, IN 46953
‪(765) 997-6017‬

Note: phone number rings to voicemail only. Best way to contact me is the email above or through the Contact Us link in the menu