PawnOfSale F.A.Q

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, you will find questions most frequently/likely asked during development and testing of PawnOfSale.

On the login screen, ENTER or RETURN do not move the cursor. I have to use TAB to move to the next field:

(This is by design) In most modern applications and ALL modern web browsers, the ENTER/RETURN keys are reserved for submitting forms. This cannot be changed in this software.

I cannot sell (ring up) an item that is not in inventory:

(This is by design) Our POS software utilizes a modern relational database. Everything is tracked (Items, inventory, sales, loans, etc). As such, it is not possible to create a sale or loan record without an item record. And as items to be sold must be available in inventory, an associated inventory record must also exist. To design a system without these constraints would defy modern business processes.

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