Focus of this site

Over the past few months, the focus of The Slanted Shed website has shifted ever so slightly. When I first bought the domain name and web hosting, I just wanted to sell some of my creations. Back then (like 6 months ago), I realized there was a niche market for many of my creations. However, I’m not much of a marketer and getting the word out has been difficult.

Don’t get me wrong–I’d still like to sell some of my work. However, I also want this endeavor to become an electronic representation of me. I’m not all about selling and making money–never was–and never will be. I’ve always just wanted to help people out–providing for my family is an extension of that desire. Going forward, I want this site to be an engaging place where we can all learn from each other. I’m always open to allowing guests to write posts for this site.

What will you find here from now on?

  • Interesting (I hope) and engaging articles
    • Do-it-yourself – I want to show you my projects and how I completed them. You’ll read not just about the project itself, but pitfalls encountered. You’ll read about lessons I’ve learned. Things to avoid and tips/tricks that may make the job easier.
    • Migraines – Ya’all know by now, I suffer from chronic migraine. I want to share my journey with me. You’ll read about things I’ve tried, triggers I’ve found and remedies that have worked (or not worked).
    • Roger – Yes, even this story of Roger. The kids always wanted me to write a book. This is how that book will come to fruition–through a collection of my thoughts and experiences.
    • Mike – My brother Mike is a whole topic in of itself. He was and is my hero. Many of “Mike’s” stories will also be in the Roger series because his journey meant so much to me.
  • My products for sale – Yes, there will be that. I do have a family to support and would like to make a little money with my woodworking–if possible. My woodworking is a wonderful hobby for me, but there are only so many tings we can put in our home!
  • Products I endorse – Along the way, I’ve found products and services that have made my life easier. I’ll be adding these items to my store with reviews, thoughts etc. I spent HOURS looking at and researching tools, hardware etc to make my life easier. So, I’ll be passing along things I’ve learned to you.
  • Humor – Well, yeah. I’m a funny guy (though I used to try harder). You’ll find things on here that don’t make any sense at all–or poke fun at things that do.
  • Family Photos, stories, etc – Time to face the fact that there are quite a few people not on social media. (GASP – I know right–many of them are in my own family). So, how better to share family happenings? Vacations, events, etc.

I don’t want this to be a static boring site, but it is time consuming. I might not have new posts every day, but I plan on keeping the discussion growing. Who knows, this might grow to be much larger than me. In the meantime, I’m what you got!

Advertisement–yes, you’ll be seeing those. I do try to add them in places where they make sense. It’s not my intention to clutter this site with ads or meaningless content. However, in this day and age, one of the best ways to get traffic to your site is by linking to other sites!

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