Our Name

Why The Slanted Shed? Our name came from our first major home renovation project working in our Slanted Shed.

The Beginning

This is where it all began!! During the first year, I worked under 8’x8′ Easy-up that also used for camping. As the need for more work (more remodelling in the house) increased, I started looking for an alternate workspace. My first intention was to build a new shed, but price/time made that difficult. So, our 10×12 storage shed became the perfect option.

In 8 months, I rearranged and reorganized multiple times so that I now have about 60% of the space I know my needs will increase that demand, but for now, it works…as long as I can keep it clean.

My wife purchased The Slanted Shed with the mobile home in which we now live and moved to its current location on our property about 10 years ago. As you look at it now, the shed leans to the north and east as a result of years of weight from our storage on the walls. I attempted on several occasions to straighten it and finally gave up. I have recently insulated the walls and added paneling which helped with heat and stability.

The workbench I used for YEARS either for a computer desk or a work table.

The most recent addition has been dedicated power to the shop–prior to that I ran extension cables from the house.