Our Story

The Slanted Shed story began during the summer of 2015, when my wife and I started our kitchen renovation. During our first 9 years here, we prayed for the Lord to bring us our “real” home. Little did we know that we were already living in OUR home.

The Dream

We both have always dreamed of living in an old farm house that we could remodel and make our own so the 16×80 mobile home just didn’t fit our tastes so we decided to make it feel more like that old farm house we always wanted. The first room to tackle was of course one of the hardest of any home remodelling project — THE KITCHEN.

The opportunity

As we started our renovation, Sara’s dad also decided it was time to tear down his 100 year old barn. While heartbreaking, this was just the opportunity had sought. We jumped, claimed as much of the old wood as we could and used it in our design. Working on the tight budget we had, I did much of the work of preparing, cutting, and assembling the pieces we would use so Pinterest and The Family Handman become two of my favorite sites.

I had really done any detailed woodworking but I found a release in the work. I knew my way around the tools needed and the general concepts but that was just the tip of the iceberg. My online research led me to the art of reclaiming/upcycling and thus the The Slanted Shed was born.