Milwaukee 15-amp SAWZALL


What does EVERY pallet crafter need in their shop? That’s right, a good SAWZALL! And when I say a good one, I mean one with MORE POWER! *grunt* *grunt*. This one does it all! It effortlessly rips apart pallets, cuts down small trees and zips right through steel to name a few.

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I bought this Milwaukee 15-amp SAWZALL because I needed something powerful, durable and of course BIG to cut apart pallets. This thing cuts the bacon! (It also cuts the pallets) This saw is big and heavy, but it has all the power you need for cutting apart your pallets, slicing a car in two or (if the desire hits you) removing an appendage!

NOTE: This saw is not for the faint of heart as it’s fairly heavy. Please follow all manufacturer’s recommendations when operating this power tool.

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