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Several years ago, our vet recommended Earthborn dog food for our then 11 year old Collie. As we had watched him over the previous several months, we feared the end was near. It was difficult for him to stand and walk around. His coat had become course and he just didn’t seem himself. Duke had been my buddy for a lot of years. Baby had recently died and putting another dog down so soon was unthinkable to me. However, I also did not want him to suffer so we took him in for a checkup.

The vet determined that he was still very healthy despite his age and recommended Earthborn. Earthborn is grain free all-natural and much better for the animals. Almost immediately we noticed a marked change in him. The change in food added years to his life. For the first time in years, I could run with him and play with him. Duke lived for two more years until he died of heart failure due to age.

Now that we’ve rescued two more dogs, grain-free is the only thing they get. We once ran short of cash and had to put Buddy on regular dog food for a month. In that month he became much more sluggish, gained wait, and wasn’t the same dog. Switching him back to grain-free gave him life back. So, we’ll never use anything but grain-free again. Like us, grain and fillers just aren’t good for dogs.

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