What is “The Slanted Shed”? In a word it’s ME. A few years ago, during a kitchen remodeling project, I discovered an interest in woodworking and in particular–reclaiming wood. I’ve always loved landscaping but only recently discovered the joy of making things from reclaimed wood. Most of my time is spent on computers which are made of dull, plain plastics and metals. Shortly after turning them on, they lose that “new computer smell” but wood always has a distinctive odor.

As we researched and built things for our kitchen, we realized that many other people were looking at similar ideas. So, I converted our 10’x12′ storage shed into a small workshop and started building. That was over 2 years ago and I have sold very few things. Therefore, the focus of this site has constantly evolved. I still do make products that I will showcase here, but mostly, this is about my solace.

I’ve never really enjoyed sitting at computers all day and retreat to landscaping, DIY and my pets after work. I also have become much more passionate about current events, society and the direction of our nation. I also suffer from chronic migraines, arthritis, gout and a stalking of Murphy.

So, to sum it all up, what is The Slanted Shed? It is the place where I’ll share all of the above and more.